Welcome to The Amazing Race: Sol Optix Edition 2.0

The game is simple. Find a coupon code and get free designer sunglasses!

How To Play

The Amazing Race is made of consecutive trials that have to be solved one after another in order to reach a prize.

There are 3 trial types (see below) and each one is categorized by their specific objective. There are hidden links and clues scattered throughout the website to assist you in completing the trials.


There are 3 main types of trials:

  • Answer Trials:

    Your typical answer-the-question type of test.

  • Finder Trials:

    Find button(s) that are hidden somewhere in the website using the given clue.

  • Tool Trials:

    Use one of our optical tools or simulations to help you find more hidden clues.

The Amazing Race 2.0 Map

  • The map will be your guide to track your progress. Here's the map of the The Amazing Race 2.0:

If you look closely after every prize, there is a "missing" path that should lead to the next trial. Those paths are locked and cannot be accessed until somebody redeems the prize. Locked paths will only unlock at 3pm ET.


There are a total of seven prizes in the amazing race. If you find one of the prizes, you will recieve a coupon code that can be redeemed in-store at the 17th ave location for a free pair of Fisaly, VSHN or Alistar K sunglasses of your choosing (up to $250.00).


  • There are only 7 prizes. When a coupon code is redeemed the prize is no longer available.
  • Redeeming a coupon code operates under a first come first serve basis. This means that the coupon code will remain active until it is physically redeemed in-store, regardless of who finds it first. (So be quick when you have found the code!)
  • Coupon codes must be redeemed in-store at the 17th ave location only.
  • You cannot contact us to reserve a prize if you find the code, but it is highly recommended to verify if the code has alredy been redeemed.
  • Every player is eligible to win 1 prize only. When you redeem a prize you can still continue the race but you are no longer eligible to win. That includes winners from Round 1.(Sharing is caring!)

Answer Trial Tutorial

Tutorial: What is the name of this company?


1. This is an Answer type trial. Answer type trials are represented by this symbol:

2. Answer type trials are questions that require you to type in the correct answer on the provided textbox.

3. Sometimes you may need to find clues somewhere in the website to find the answer to the question.