• Duration: Full Contact Lens Exam - approx. 60 minutes or less

  • Duration: Fitting Only/Follow-up - approx 15-30 minutes

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Contact lenses must be fitted properly to ensure comfort, performance in vision and compatibility. A contact lens exam will include a visual acuity test to determine your prescription, a comprehensive eye exam to gauge the overall health of your eyes, and eye measurements specific to contact lens wear. Our Optometrist will then provide a lens consultation to give you the best options specific to your needs

What to expect

Contact lens exams evaluate your vision with contact lenses and measure the surface area of your eyes. The exam is similar to a regular eye exam but has a few distinct differences.

  • Lens Positioning -

    Contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye. Meanwhile, lenses in your prescription eyewear are designed to sit approximately 12mm from your eyes. Each prescription is different due to the position of the corrective lens.

  • Surface Area of the Eye -

    Contact lenses can vary in size. Our optometrists will determine the best base curve for your eye to ensure the best fit and avoid damaging your eyes from the wrong size

  • Consultation -

    At the end of your exam the optometrist will give you suggestions on the brand and lens type that's most suitable for your eyes.

  • Trial and Follow Up -

    You will receive a trial pair to try out for a few days then you will schedule a follow up to make sure your eyes are adjusting properly.

Direct Billing

Let us do it for you! We have access to most insurance providers for vision care benefits and FSA/HSA. We can save you the time and hassle by direct billing your insurance claim.

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