Expanded intermediate and reading zones give you comfort and clarity when working with computers, tablets and smartphones. They are also great for hobbies like sewing, pattern drafting, reading sheet music etc.

This progressive lens design typically has little to no distance vision and should only be used for work-related tasks.

Blue light filtering options are available and highly recommended for this lens.

  • A woman with standard progressive lenses with improper posture working on a computer

    Standard Progressives

    • Wearers lift their head to use intermediate lens zones
    • Results in strained neck and shoulder muscles
  • A woman with daily single vision lenses with improper posture working on a computer

    Single Vision Lenses

    • Wearers move closer to bring objects into focus
    • Results in unnecessary neck and back strain
  • A woman with computer progressive lenses comfortably working on a computer

    Office Progressives

    • Wearers hold their head and neck in natural posture
    • Complete comfort all day long


  • + Easier to find zones for intermediate and reading distances
  • + Relaxed and clear vision for working on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • + Keeps your head and neck in a natural position
  • + Personalized parameters for intermediate and reading areas


All of our lenses are treated with a UV coating and a hard coat. Hard coatings can vary dependent on the lens design or coating applied.

  • anti-glare

    Anti-Glare/ Anti-Reflection

  • TITAn-hardcoating

    TITAN Hard Coating

  • Transition

    Photochromic/ Transitions

  • mirror-coating

    Mirror Coating

  • tinting

    Lens Tinting

  • Blue-light

    Blue Light Filtering

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