Custom Made Lenses

At Sol Optix, we provide specialty eyewear for all of your favourite hobbies. Whether it.s prescription safety eyewear for work or sports like basketball, swimming, and hunting, we've got you covered. Visit us in-store at any of our two Calgary locations to learn more about our specialty eyewear and lenses.

Sports and Safety Eyeglasses

  • Specialty eyewear like prescription safety glasses and sports goggles prevents eye-related injuries as well as improve overall vision and performance for task-specific activities. Security in the added protection and maneuverability of specialty eyewear are needed when you're at the worksite, playing sports, or even doing work around the house. Sports and safety eyewear come in a variety of styles for any workplace and activity.

  • Prescription sports goggles or rec specs
    Sports Glasses

    Prescription eyewear for sport and recreational activities are designed for optimal comfort and protection for dynamic movements. Sports goggles or "rec specs" are made from stronger materials compared to everyday eyewear to protect from impact and aid in greater durability. Youth and Adult sizing available.

  • CSA approved prescription safety glasses
    CSA Approved Safety Glasses

    Prescription safety glasses protect your eyes from work-related hazards. They are designed to shield your eyes from oncoming projectiles, harmful chemicals that can splash into your eyes, as well as protection from dust or airborne particles in the workplace. All of our safety eyewear are impact-resistant and CSA approved. Lens only options are available.

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For more information on specialty eyewear, feel free to reach out to us for questions and/or consultation.

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We strive to be Calgary’s premier optical retailer. Our optometrists and eye care professionals will assist you in providing trusted vision care and quality eyewear.