LASIK is the most common refractive surgery because it is quick, relatively painless, and almost no discomfort after the procedure. It is a permanent solution for vision correction for most people, providing an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses.


  • +Short procedure (1-hour)
  • +Quick results (some report 20/20 vision within 24 hours)
  • +Relatively painless
  • +A permanent alternative to corrective eyewear for most patients
  • +Financing options available

Is Laser Eye Surgery Right For You?

Our optometrists will conduct a comprehensive eye exam, a laser eye surgery consultation, and a pre-surgery consultation to determine if this type of procedure is right for your eyes.

The ideal candidates are over 18 years of age with healthy and mature eyes. The procedure entails the removal of corneal tissue to reshape the eye and there must be sufficient corneal thickness to proceed.

Please note, laser eye surgery or LASIK is an elective procedure that should be placed under consideration by you, the patient. There are no guarantees that this procedure will result in perfect vision and may not match your expectations. Our optometrists will provide an extensive consultation based on their expertise to help you in making your decision.

Direct Billing

Let us do it for you! We have access to most insurance providers for vision care benefits and FSA/HSA. We can save you the time and hassle by direct billing your insurance claim.

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