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Regular eye exams start to become more of a priority as we get older and especially for seniors. The natural process of aging affects multiple areas of our body and its overall health. Your eyes are no different and is also subject to change as we grow older.

Our optometrist will test for overall vision, visual field test for peripheral vision, the eyes fluid pressure, sensitivity to light and coordination of eye muscles. Based on the results they can provide recommendations in eyewear, changes in lifestyle, or possible treatment options if necessary. All of our eye exams and eye health services are available at Sol Optix Boutique (Macleod Trail, Calgary, AB) only.

Free Eye Exams for Seniors 65 and over

Comprehensive eye exams are covered by Alberta Health Care for seniors 65 years of age and older. We direct bill the cost of the eye exam for your convenience.

Signs of Vision Loss

  • +Increased difficulty in reading and/or writing.
  • +Issues with driving at night or unable to spot road signs
  • +“Clumsiness” when moving objects.
  • +Difficulty completing fine motor skills like sewing.
  • +Light sensitivity, or seeing a blurred halo around light.
  • +Difficulty distinguishing between darker colours.

Signs of Vision Problems for Children

  • +Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • +Glaucoma
  • +Cataracts

Direct Billing

Let us do it for you! We have access to most insurance providers for vision care benefits and FSA/HSA. We can save you the time and hassle by direct billing your insurance claim.

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For more information on senior's eye exams, feel free to reach out to us for questions and/or consultation.

You can call us at 403-764-6161 or send an email to macleod@soloptixonline.com. You can also visit us in-store at any of our two locations in Calgary, AB.

We strive to be Calgary’s premier optical retailer. Our optometrists and eye care professionals will assist you in providing trusted vision care and quality eyewear.