Our opticians are professionally certified and have a wealth of knowledge in progressive lens designs. Based on your approximate price point, prescription, lens history, and unique vision requirements, they can provide a recommendation on the best lens option for your specific needs.


Often referred to as “no-line bifocals”, or for some, “transitions” (although transitions are a misnomer) are multifocal lenses without any clear aesthetic distinction within the lens.



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They have a zone for correcting distance on the upper portion of the lens which then progresses into a reading correction at the bottom of the lens. The middle portion where the progression occurs is for intermediate distances and to avoid a sharp change in prescription.


Bifocals and Trifocals are multifocal lenses with lines separating the zones for distance and reading. The lines can be seen right on the lens but they make it easier to find the distance and reading zones.

Office & Workspace

Workspace multifocals or office progressives are specifically designed for shorter distances like working on computers, smartphones and tablets. They have an expanded intermediate and reading zone for increased comfort working on these devices.


All of our lenses are treated with a UV coating and a hard coat. Hard coatings can vary dependent on the lens design or coating applied.

  • anti-glare

    Anti-Glare/ Anti-Reflection

  • TITAn-hardcoating

    TITAN Hard Coating

  • Transition

    Photochromic/ Transitions

  • mirror-coating

    Mirror Coating

  • tinting

    Lens Tinting

  • Blue-light

    Blue Light Filtering

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